Workout of the day

Workout of the day

Monday, December 4th 2023

WARM UP – barbell/PVC

20 squats w/ PVC overhead

10x burpee + push up

10 reverse lunges w/ PVC overhead

MOVEMENT/MOBILITY – wall, pull up bar

:30 turnback stretch, hand on rig

:30 lat/tricep stretch on rig / side

15 wall sit shoulder flexions

10 glute bridges, :02 hold at top each rep

6 hanging lat activations, push pull up bar forward as much as possible

6 big kip swing

PRIMER – empty/light barbell

15 bottom half bench press + 10 bench press, fast


E2M x 4

5 Bench Press *build to a heavy set of 5


@ 8:00

FInd a Max Set of 10 Reps


For Time (15min CAP)


60 Double Unders

12 Walking Lunges @ 2×50/35

4 Bar MU

NOTES Lunges should be a weight thats allows athletes to go unbroken for first few rounds. Perform 4 Burpee PU to modify BMU. Modify to 100 single unders.

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