Workout of the day

Workout of the day

Tuesday, June 6th 2023


80 jumping jacks

MOVEMENT/MOBILITY – pull up bar, wall/rig, empty barbell

10 single leg calf raises / side

:20 iso wall push / leg (against sturdy wall or rig)

4x 3 wall sprint switches, fast

:10-:15 hanging L-raise

4 strict knee to elbow as high as possible

4 kipping knee to elbow

4 alternating single leg TTB


*grab barbell

:30 front rack hold

10 RDL’s

10 clean pulls, second pull only

5 high pulls into turnover

5 tall power cleans, catch right at parallel each rep


For Time

800m Run

10 Power Cleans @ 185/125

20 Burpee Pull Ups

20 TTB

800m Run

15 Power Cleans

30 Burpee PU

30 TTB

800m Run

35min CAP

STIMULUS Long steady workout. Start every movement slower than they think. Power cleans should be done under :90 as singles if you want a chance to finish.


TTB – SL T2B, T2A, knee raises

800m Run – 1k Row

Burpee PU – Burpee to 6″ target

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