Workout of the day

Workout of the day

Tuesday, November 21st 2023

WARM UP – empty barbell

8 back squats

4 lateral burpees over bar

8 front squats

4 lateral burpees over

8 thrusters

MOVEMENT/MOBILITY – Hip Circle, barbell

2 Sets

6/6 Half Circles

12 Lateral Steps

12 Glute Bridges

*grab Barbell

v-sit Grabbing barbell

:20 Lunge hold (knee just of ground)

10 Walking Lunges

10 Lunge Jumps

warm up weight barbell

5x 1.5 back squats + 5 jump squats


EMOM x 10

2 Back Squats

:01 pause in hole every rep @ 63-73%

*slightly heavier than last week. Make sure you are still pausing


EMOM x 18

:30 Max Cal Bike

:30 Max Walking Lunges (50s/35s)

:30 Max Burpees to a Target

*like last week, looking to really push the pace during working portion. score is total reps.

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