Workout of the day

Workout of the day

Wednesday, June 7th 2023

WARM UP – Bike

9/7 cal bike, legs only

7/5 cal bike, arms only

15/12 cal bike, aggressive pace


Barbell 8 air squats w/ heels on PVC

8 air squats w/ toes on PVC

8 narrow grip PVC OH squats w/ :03 eccentric

8 SLOW trunk rotations w/ PVC on back

16 trunk rotations w/ PVC on back

8 more SLOW trunk rotations w/ PVC on back

12 PVC passthroughs

12 prone PVC OH liftoffs

12 prone external rotation liftoffs

:45 v sit stretch

:30 standing quad stretch / side

*grab barbell

8 kang squats

8 slow motion drop snatches

PRIMER – empty barbell

6 snatch pulls, first pull only

6 snatch pulls, second pull only

6 high hang jumps from power position, barbell in hip

6 hang power snatches, catch just above parallel, pause for :01, ride into bottom of squat, then stand


E :90 x 6

1 Power Snatch

1 Squat Snatch

1 OHS @ 65-80%

SCALING Ideally keep the weight light to practice OHS and Squat snatch. If not possible perform 3 Power Snatch.


For Time


Front Squat @ 155/105

*18/14 cal bike after each set

:60 rest

10-8-6-4 Strict Pull up

*18/14 cal row after each set

18min CAP

STIMULUS Front squats should be unbroken across. Athletes should have no more than 2 breaks per set.

SCALING Strict PU – banded strict PU

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